FS: Console, games, Voltech, Nikon 40-trying to graduate sale


So i’m trying to really graduate so let’s help me get rid of some distractions. You’ll find me on GGPO once I get my damn stick modded.

All prices are OBO

Voltech Slim Maple 8 button Universal Layout - $75
Blank 8 button HRAP layout case - $30
SFAC Stick stock (originally purchased here) SOLD

LS-56-01 comes with oct. gate and wiring harness - SOLD
GT-Y gate for Sanwa JLF - SOLD

Xbox 360 (20gb hdd) - Pulled (SFIV Rumors, i might have to keep the 360)

Xbox 360 games:
Mass Effect - $15
Grand Theft Auto 4 - $15
Call of Duty 4 - $20
BlazBlue LE - $40
Star Ocean: The Last Hope - $40
King of Fighters XII - $40
Street Fighter IV - $35
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - SOLD
Complete Rock Band 1 Set(game, guitar, drums) - $50

Capcom VS. SNK 2 EO - $15

Playstation 2:
Persona 4 - $35 (will throw in artbook)
Persona 3 FES - $25
Final Fantasy XII game and strategy guide Collector’s Edition w/ (aluminum case, bonus dvd) - $45

Nikon D40 6.1mp DSLR - $450
Camera comes with Domke shoulder bag($50 msrp) spare battery($20), 4gb microsd card. It also comes with original box including manuals, cds, usb cable etc.
The camera retails for $460 on amazon and this package comes with case and battery so it’s a pretty damn good deal.


All prices are negotiable let me know. Email is best way to communicate, my srk id at gmail.com


Can I see pics of Voltech? And the HRAP layout one too…


Sf anniversary !! Pls!!



oh those 2 gundam figures aren’t for sell. forgot to edit it out.


thanks for teh SFAC!



thanks wrrza


How many 24mm hols does the Voltech have? Is there anything I can use (besides button plugs) to get rid of unneeded holes?


I am posting this from my phone so I don’t knot if its me or if they aren’t posted, but I don’t see pics of the Voltech and I’d like to.


the pic of voltech case is on the right side close to sfac stick


Taoku - the voltech has four 24mm holes and one NAUSB hole. i don’t know if there’s anything you can use to cover them up.


i’ll take these!

LS-56-01 comes with oct. gate and wiring harness - $20
GT-Y gate for Sanwa JLF - $3





added xbox360 console

if the xbox360 isnt sold in about a week or so i’m just gonna put it up on ebay for the whole lot.


Does the Voltech have plexiglass on it? On the upper left corner, is a piece of the frame chipped?


It has plexi on the top and bottom. That chip is me peeling away a little bit of the stick cover.




PM Sent


i sent a reply and updated the list again. damn you capcom!