FS: Crossbone + XB1 PCB pre-done kits ($60+shipping)

Hey guys,

Before EVO I took a few of the remaining crossbone boards I had and meshed them together with some XB1 pad PCBs, ready for kit sale at EVO.

Ended up bringing home more than I wanted, and right now they’re just sitting in my office, can’t really un-do the kits and sell them as normal, so I’m offering them ready to go at a reasonable price.

These are Crossbone and XB1 pads pre-soldered and tested working, they even have a 20P right angle header in place for you to use with a PS360+ or something else. The only thing they don’t have is screw terminals, but if you absolutely need those I can probably pop in a row of terminals for an extra $10.

pre-done kit
20P double ended ribbon cable

Looking for $65 shipped (in the US, more if international). I have about 9 of these kits, so if you or anyone else can use them I’d like to see them go to good use. You won’t find this price anywhere else, and I’ve done the work for you already.

forgot to mention, wireless is already cut/disabled on these.