FS: Custom Agetec Arcade Stick PS2

Okay, recently did some front end damage to my 240, so I am looking to make a bit of quick cash, by selling things I can live without for a bit. One of these is a custom Agetec arcade stick that is project boxed for the PS2.

Specs: Sanwa JLF joystick, 6 Seimitsu PS-14 30mm, 2 Seimitsu PS-14 24mm

I tried selling the stick earlier and never heard anything from anyone, so I am trying again before giving up on selling it. Looking for about 100 for the stick, and then shipping, but price is negotiable, I am just trying to find a new home for this stick. It works great, and the response is wonderful, if not for need of money I could not imagine parting with it.

Contact me by email, bryant.manrique@gmail.com or on aim:bmanrik. Thanks.

s13 or s14? Willing to trade for some front end parts?

It’s a 1990 s13. My baby. I am not really in the need for parts, the main concern at this point is replacing my front bumper, and thats just buying another gp-1. But right now I don’t have enough cash to do so. If I needed more parts for the front, I would trade but am not looking to, thanks though. If you had a 5-speed transmission to trade tho, lol, mines almost gone.

lol where are you located? You’ve got a SOHC still? Well I guess it really doesn’t matter, but I have a s13 tranny, I might even have a s14 one.

Is it grinding? You might want to try to 10-30 trick it might help it out

yeah, i’m still running the ka24e, it works well for just doing some gymkhana type driving around here. its also a fairly new car, i’ve done the suspension and brakes, wheels, tranny swap on it since it was originally an auto, and i think the transmission i swapped into it may have just been a little bad from the start. it’s not so much a grinding as just a pita to get to change gears, it started smooth, but now it seems as if it is missing shifts, overall just impossible to do anything more than daily drive.

there have been a couple of emails of people interested, but nobody finalizing anything, so if you are still interested in maybe some trades, drop me an email, its much easier for me to check that, of any parts you may be willing to let go for it. looking forward to hearing from you.

…sounds like you need some fluids. Drain it and do 1 quart of 75-90, and a quart of 10w-30 (yes motor oil). In all honesty, it sounds like you have a leak, and it’s probably from the rear transmission seal. Are you using a 5sp driveshaft? Or did you use an automatic one with a manual yoke on it? A lot of times people don’t pay attention when they install the driveshaft and it hits a corner of the seal and tears it a bit. And when you do highway speeds/aggressive driving is when it leaks fluid, and it’s hard to tell.

anyway I don’t have your email, if you want PM me it

Okay, thanks for the interest, but the stick was sold. I may PM ihiryu tho, in case I need any help with my car. Thanks, i may be looking to sell another similar stick in a month or two, it’s about halfway built, and if I do not completely like the feel I will just try to turn a profit on it.