FS: Custom Arcade Stick & Accessories

I have a custom stick that I want to sell. Lots of hard work and planning went into this one. Has hacked interfaces for the Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS, and PS2. All cleanly put together. I’ll include all my notes and documentation as well so you can maintain and use the stick to it’s full potential. Controls are all Happ parts with Perfect 360 joysticks.

Looking for a reasonable offer. I’d probably be happy a couple hundred bucks. Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup preferred though as it’s big and heavy. I’m 20 minutes outside of Boston.

First things first, unless you have mod permission you have to have 50+posts and be a member for more than 6 months to sell in the trading outlet. Just a fair warning ahead of time.

With that out of the way,
It’s down now, but that was one of the original blogs I read when I first started building arcade sticks along with CD_Vision’s page, m3talslug’s and catch 22’s. All OG builders that I learned a lot from. I wish the post-TE crew could see the work done on some of these arcade sticks. Some of them are still in the original custom arcade stick threads, but a lot have broken links.

But man, seeing this brings me back.

damn, i wanted some of those project boxes…

Trackz, I just noticed browsing the original custom stick thread you posted there too way back; bring this to the attention of a mod and you should be able to sell that beast.

Thanks for the compliments. My build site went down when I switched from comcast to fios. Never ended up putting it back up.

I was active here years back when I was doing this project, but I haven’t logged on in a while. So I had to reregister. Hopefully the mods will leave my post based on my prior contributions.

If anyone is interested in the stick though, let me know.

what was your username before so I can verify that?

Closing it for now. You can pm me or megamands about your info. If everything clears then I’ll reopen it.