FS: Custom Arcade Stick (dreamcast) on ebay - 1 auction

selling an ikaruga arcade stick for dreamcast.

starts at 1, no reserve price. UK auction, and european bidders are welcome

edit: while the stick is an ikaruga design, it’s easy enough to replace the artwork with something else if you wanted to make you own design, or Street Fighter theme, etc :slight_smile:

you only ship to UK? that sucks :sad:

sorry dude.
because of the size and how heavy it is, shipping and customs would be a killer :tdown:

half-way bump

i’m getting a lot of interest from the US, and according to the parcelforce website, it would be 80 for tracked and insured delivery…!

yo sure? thats like $136 here, worth more than the stick!

WTF!!! The UK Postal service must be ridiculously expensive. I’ve had heavy boxes shipped from Japan for like $80 (EMS) which would probably weigh the same as that stick, maybe more…

UK postal service is a joke, but head over to parcelforce.com and check the shipping prices for a 4-5 kg package, insured with tracking @_@ it would be less uninsured with no tracking, but would take 4-6 weeks, and i never like to send uninsured. sorry guys =(

anyways, quick bump - 1 day left!

Last time I tried to buy a stick from UK that was around the same shipping. Sucks man it’s a nice stick.

couple of hours left :lovin:

10 minutes left.

bid now or forever hold your peace

BAH! Missed it by a quid cos I was out on the piss.