FS: Custom arcade sticks (Closed to new orders on complete boxes)

Custom-tailored to your specifications! I’ll work with most parts (Sanwa, Happ [includng p360s], Seimitsu, etc), but am inexperienced with the graphic side of things. I can provide artwork or you can find your own, but it must be a high-quality image for me to work with. Anything larger than 8" 1/2 x 11" will be a custom print done by a local shop, so that your image is unbroken. I’m no artist, so I suggest checking out the Image Mishmash section on SRK for Stick Art request threads.

Pics@ http://s190.photobucket.com/albums/z293/Kuenai_Customs/

Still updating. Dial-up is a bitch :sad:

My main contact e-mail and PayPal address is kuenaifry@hotmail.com

Payment options: recently opened a PayPal account due to several requests/advice. I still prefer money orders through registered mail. That way, I have to recieve the letter and sign for it personally, and can trace everything without the risk of having paypal hacked (it’s happened before, people!). Only costs $4, ducks the paypal fee, and isn’t an inconvenience like some would think.

So… PayPal, money orders, personal checks, etc. Anything you can send payment with works. PM me if you wish to discuss a payment plan if you’re feeling pressure on your wallet.


Jamie Fry
24737 Briarwood Ct
Mt Vernon, WA 98274-8106

Prices: Specifics upon request. I’m trying to do sticks according to the wishes of the buyer, including design and parts. I can do multi-system sticks, as well. For multi-system, it’ll have to be a bit more, as it’s a real pain to work with. The highest it should get is probably $160.

Systems: Dreamcast, Playstation, X-Box & XB360, USB, Gamecube

I am attempting to hack a PS3 pad right now, so keep an eye on the thread for future developments regarding this tricky little number.

Happ competition with the P360= $95 to $145 (prices vary more on this due to box size (and hence, custom prints as well)

Happ Competion w/8-way competition joystick: $80-$130

Seimitsu & Sanwa: $90-$140

Multi-system: $30 extra (controller, parts, etc)

Add $25 for X-Box 360 cases. Controllers are expensive, and hacking the pads is soldering-intensive.

The base (lowest) prices are without artwork. Different types of lumber, labor intensive works, and artwork on top/sides run the price up.

I will do many types of cases, depending on customer preference. If you find a box out there that gets you excited, send me a link to the picture. Paint, I will do whatever color you like, and whatever finish you prefer. By finish, I mean a flat, glossy/semi glossy, hammered, textured, etc finish. If you would like a hardwood box, I suggest you see Timoe’s thread for quality crafstmanship in hardwood.

If you would like to make an order, feel free to PM me, and include what type of stick, buttons, layout (american, Japanese, or a hybrid, which I have used comfortably). Even if you’re just ordering a box, remember to tell me what system you want it for, and where you want the start and/or select, along with other options.

Remember to post on the thread first, as it will help me sort customer order. I won’t take a random PM as seriously as someone who others to read the rules of the thread. If you ask a question that would have been answered simply by reading this post, I will not answer it.

Welcome to the forum,

always good to have many builders from all over.

Any chance for some pics?
and prices?

I’m sure people will be interested in seeing some pics. Good luck :tup:

same here but is there any way u can make a paypal account since a lot of people ae willing to do business that way.

If not what method would it be

Sup Kuenai,

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of business once you get some sample pics up. Timoe and Painted’s teams have been getting some serious business since they’ve shown up. But it’s always good to see more/new builders. So, I wish you luck but i’m sure you won’t need it.

It’s cool to have someone here who doesn’t want a whole lot of extra money for their work, I’d also like to see some pictures. I would set up a paypal if I were you, you will probably get alot more business that way.

PM sent.

You caught me submitting my work for the week :rofl:. PM replied.

Btw, you might qualify as local (If you play in the Seattle area, I could get your stick to you personally)

Cant wait for the pics…I’m from Olympia, do i qualify for the discount?

Haha… I don’t think so. But what the hell, I’ll knock yours down since you’re still NW and one of my first customers. So far there are only 2 officially in queue.

Queue… (rant) That’s gotta be one of the most f’ed up words in terms of spelling, eh? :lol:

If you PM me, post up on the thread, as the order in which you post and notify me of payment will give you your place in line. My PM box is near full, but the thread has nothing to show for it. I monitor this thread closely, so make sure and post here first. Thanks!

ok, i’m posting :slight_smile:

wow, you’re from Mount Vernon, Washington?! I was just there last week. By any chance were you at “Silver Coin” on Friday or Saturday?

good luck with the sticks. a little out of my price range at the moment.

I was at the silver coin on tuesday, I believe. Wait… I was there Saturday, also. Just for one quick run through MVC2. I’ll be fixing that cab pretty soon again… [sigh]. Unfortunately, the manager doesn’t do shit for any of those machines. I’ve completely redone the Soul Calibur 2 cab and fixed the buttons on MVC2 several times, and now I’m gonna have to remount the stick.

I forgot to ask but, when would we have to send payment for an order? At the time of order or when you start to work on our sticks? What’s an estimated turn around time?

Payment upon order. As I’m not making much profit, money goes towards the next guy’s parts. the first few orders will be coming out of my pocket.

I’m confused. If they sent payment upon order, why would you have to take anything out of your own pocket? o.o

Because I’ve already spent $110+ on materials, excluding control parts. I just trust that payment is being sent and order my parts immediately to cut down turnaround time. Although I suppose two days or so isn’t that long to wait, is it? I guess I’ll quit with that :lol:

Sup first how long do u think it would take to build a stick and do u ship to fl and over seas? Thanks pimp peace

Hi there,
I’m interested in a stick for the xbox 360.
i’m sending a PM.