FS - Custom Arcade Supergun

Hey guys, I’m selling my custom supergun. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t use it and need to clear out space. Check out the details below. No controller included.

Asking $350 - Shipped (Price is negotiable, make a reasonable offer)


Front Panel:**
Fully Neo-Geo compatible wired controller ports for players 1 and 2.
Player 1 and 2 Coin buttons.
Air Intake

Back Panel:
RGB Level Control Knobs
Component Video Output
Mono/Faux Stereo Audio Output
RCA & S-Video Output
Air Exhaust (Quiet 40mm fan)
Jamma Connecor
Kick Harness Connector
Power Switch
Standard PC Power Cord compatible
Audio Attenuation Switch

Bob Roberts Fully Loaded Jamma Harness (Thick Power Lines, Keyed, & Labeled)
Happ Controls Arcade Power Supply
Jrok Component Video Encoder 4.1
Audio Attenuation Circuit


10.4w x 11.4d x 4.3h





Bump - Price drop to 300$