FS: Custom Dual Modded TE (Albert Wesker art)



Don’t really have time to play fighting games, selling off one of my sticks for moneys. The stick is dual modded w/sanwa buttons and a sanwa stick. Everything works in perfect condition; the stick didn’t see much use at all. The art is a tiny bit damaged due to a little moisture getting under the plexiglass from cleaning the stick (seen in one of the pictures), but you can replace the art anyways. The PS3 side’s button order is wired a little unintuitively; I forget the order the buttons are in, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute to figure it out. The 360 side uses the standard 360 layout.

Asking price is $115 + shipping which should be an extra $15-20 or so. I’m in the Inland Empire area in CA, so if you’re close by you can drive up and save on shipping.

Edit: The stick is a BlazBlue 360 TE.


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It’s a great stick =D


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Price dropped!


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Hey I’m really interested in that stick is there any chance it has a octagonal gate?


where in the inland empire are you at?


Ryzone - It has a square gate.

APSolute - Upland.




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I did drop the price on the last bump, from $140 to $130.


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Does it work on PC?