FS: Custom Happ and Sanwa Arcade Stick(s)


Hello, I’m making and selling some happ, sanwa, or seimitsu based joysticks.

Each stick is made with pine, with an MDF top panel and lexan paneling on top. I can make a stick for PS2, PC, or Xbox360, with Happ, Sanwa & Seimitsu parts.

Prices are :

$120 for PS1 DS w/ Happ

$140 for PS1 DS w/ Sanwa JLF & sanwa buttons

$140 for Xbox360 w/ Happ

$155 for Xbox360 w/ Sanwa JLF etc

Xbox360 joysticks include Back, Start, and Guide buttons. Also has working headset port that can be placed on any side of the box.

Limited selection of Seimitsu parts available such as LS-32 and PS-14-GN buttons.

JLW sticks also available. Sorry, I do NOT do p360 joysticks.

Bat top, octagonal gate, and/or circular gate (JLW only) available as well.

Happ competition joysticks will have white actuators (original iL joysticks, not the black)

**$20 shipping to the continental USA by USPS with delivery confirmation.

Payment by Paypal. 100% payment up front just to let you know.**

If you send me your own PSX Dual Shock or Xbox360 wired controller, I will take out the appropriate cost from the joystick’s total. Ask for details.

Here are some pictures:

If you are interested in a custom stick, please send me a message when my shop is opened for new orders. First come first served. I will send a comprehensive order list after being contacted.

Thanks for looking! :smile:

There will be a maximum of 3 orders taken at a time. Please keep in mind that I will not answer any messages I receive regarding new orders if my order list is full.

Order status:

Please send me a PM if you have any questions.

Those look nice- You should post these in the tech talk forum, because I’m sure people would love to see them.

Thanks for the comment! I’m just trying to lay low till some parts come in to finish up the smaller design; I just can’t really show a good finished example till it’s finished.

if i ever get off my butt and get a job i’ll get at you lol. $125 for a good stick sounds good to me, i just can’t opt to pay $160+ for a full sanwa stick. besides i’ve only played on seimitsu sticks (i think, correct me if i’m wrong) on t5 like twice so i won’t know what i’m missing out on.

edit: also, can you tell me what the difference between using dual shock and digital pcbs are?

Using a PS1 Dual Shock pcb is more compatible with converters to other consoles like the xbox. The PSX pcb tends to lag when used with the converters, but works perfectly fine with a PS2; I haven’t heard of the psx pcb not functioning correctly with the PS2.

Finally updated now that I’ve received some long delayed parts to finish an order.


Those things look really good! How is the setup for the 360 sticks, do you have the back, start and "Live"

The x360 setup will have a start and a guide button, the triggers will become the fierce and roundhouse. I haven’t had much experience playing the xbox360, but from what I understand the ‘back’ button isn’t really needed; if it is, I can always put it in the stick as well.

I think your sticks look awesome final_cut, thanks for looking!

Those look incredible. Do you have any other pictures of your work? I’ve been considering inversting in a new stick and yours look great, and are more in my price range. Also, roughly how large are they, and do you do multiple console support (Namely PS2 and Xbox and how much that would cost)?

Hello Zerox12, thanks for the comment. At the moment, the pictures in the photobucket are the only ones I have; I will have some new ones of a Sanwa JLF stick up sometime soon however.

To get a rough idea of how big they are, they are slightly bigger than a piece of printer paper (9.5" x 11.5" x 3.5").

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by multiple console support, but I can make a ps2 or xbox 360 stick. The ps2 stick is compatible with most ps2-xbox adapters because it uses the PS1 dual shock pcb. The reason I don’t make Xbox1 sticks is that I don’t have an xbox to test the completed product.

What I meant with the whole multiple console support was through a barrier strip or some such like some builders do. But if you don’t have an xbox to test on then it wouldn’t work out. The size for the sticks seem pretty good too, not too large.

Two more questions though. I know you will make sticks with a Sanwa JLF, but do you also do Seimitsu LS-32? And lastly could you make the sticks any more shallow (Cut the 3.5" height to something like 3 or 2.5") if you used a japanese stick?

As it stands I’m rather interested in your work and I’ll PM you when I figure out if I want to buy one. I’m starting college in a week, so I’m not 100% at the moment due to the cost associated with buying a stick, but I’m fairly certain I’m going to do it anyway. I’ll know within the next two weeks though. Also, please PM me when you get some more pics up, I’d love to see some more examples.

I can do the LS-32, but it’ll be $10 extra due to having to purchase from multiple dealers. The height of the japanese stick(s) I’m making right now is 2.5" if I remember correctly, so it will definitely be shallower than the Happ sticks.

Once the Sanwa parts arrive at my door, I’ll have pictures up in a jiffy. Thanks.

Great prices man! Can’t wait to see the sanwa & seimitsu pics.

Updated with new pictures, including 2 Sanwa based sticks and two PC/DC sticks.

The side buttons on the Sanwas will NOT be recessed as seen in the pictures, that is only limited to the two examples.

Correction Tekken 5 is on sanwa sticks not seimitsu.

New stick for sale added.

Lowered price on stick on sale.

oooooh… looks nice…