FS: Custom Happ/IL stick and other stuff


Hello SRK,



I only use LizardLick for my parts since shipping with him is pretty much next day status. So anything he sells, I can make a stick out of

Pricing: (note: price includes case, art, joystick & hardware, and wired pcb)

Basic Happ Complete Custom: $145+shipping
Basic Sanwa(JLF) Complete Custom: $165+shipping (-$10 for JLW)

Pre-Hacked PCB’s

I also have a “ton” of Sony Digital and Analog pads so if anyone wants a wired PCB I only use Sony Brand since others have problems with converters.
Hacked Analogs $30
Hacked Digitals $25
Unhacked Analog Controllers $15shipped
Unhacked digital Controllers $10shipped

**Availability: **
customs slots:
slot #1: Hurricane -Done (awaiting payment)
slot #2:
slot #3:
slot #4:

some links to other customs i’ve done:

Blank Red Sanwa for Etotheng


SFIV for Tiberous:

Dark Hadou for ScaryMashedPotatos

Rukia Stick for TheHungryWolf

Bloody Iori for Beasttaker

Balrog for romejrv



Alright! Good to see you’re starting up a thread here. Always a need for more stickbuilders here. :tup:

Umm, only thing I might suggest, though, after recieving my custom, is finding decent, out-of-the-way places near the corners for screw holes to secure the plexiglass (better still if you can get them even with the surface). It’s not intended to be a slight in the least, but hopefully something you might consider for future offerings. :3

After that, though, I think you’re as solid a builder as any of 'em here. That wiring’s just absolutely beautiful and probably couldn’t be any more organized, and using the Yenox buttons for a different feel on less-commonly used buttons is absolutely brilliant.


Thanks Tiberious, I will definitely keep that in mind


Hello, hey did you get my PM?? if not let me know ill send you another one, looking forward to do business with you. thanks.


PM received project started:woot:


Nice sticks. PM sent.



stick price reduced


that sagat stick looks tiny, does it have a nice sturdy feel? also if thats an IL stick, wouldnt it have a yellow ring?


hey would you happen to sell pre-hacked pcbs? or do you need it for the sticks?


It’s an IL it just doesn’t have the yellow ring (used in another project) you can tell what type of stick it is by looking at the base & white actuator. IL’s have off white microswitches and the “IL” symbol on the base.

Yes I sell pre-hacked pcb’s digital $25 analog $30 shipped


alright cool. you think i can get the a psone dual shock pre-wired or pre-hacked pcb? specifically the white dual shock.

only 1 for me. =)


How difficult of a time would I have trying to change the art on the stick with yellow buttons?


Sex Instructor can correct me if I’m wrong but you open the bottom, pop out the buttons which frees up the plexi and then just put in the new art. Shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.


^^Pretty much, the stick has to come out as well, “just the stick” just remove the “C” ring and the stick will fall out. but thats basically it


hey S.I.,

you got my payment right? just wanted to make sure.


Yessir payment recieved!

Thank you


Can you do sticks with P360s?


i see sexinstuctor likes to get parts from japan off people on this forum but he doesnt even have the kindness to reply to pm’s or emails from overseas buyers about his products i mean how hard is it to reply to a pm … if you can post on the forum you can reply to a pm …

no matter my buisness has gone elsewhere to more friendly stick builders

typical american take take take an give nothing back if japanese sources wernt so kind you wouldnt be able to build your sticks in the first place remember that mr sexinstuctor!


whoa pump your breaks!
I apologize if I missed your PM but don’t come in my thread and try to cause drama, firstly if you didn’t receive a reply in a few days you should have sent another to see if I either forgot or declined your offer. I receive and send A LOT of pm’s and emails throughout the course of the day and my current customers have top priority. God knows I TRY to be perfect but I’m NOT.


Yessir I can