FS: Custom Jap stick




why is there 3 red buttons?
(not trashing just asking)


It was originally with all red buttons, I just decided to change the color idk. It’s start/select, and I have no clue what the red button all the way to the right is for, it just came with it


its the reverse upside down neo geo layout



them crosshanders get pretty trixy ya know.


Could be a button to switch between analog and digital.


I’m pretty broke but need a stick, if you can’t find a buyer I’ll pay $50. It’s all I’ve got.


I’ll sell it to you for $50 + $40 shipping? lol


i believe thats a DF stick… cuz i see them all day since he lives locally. and i cant think of anything that third button could be besides a analog or maybe one of the L buttons.

also zerog. i love your avatar… prolly one of the most original i seen lately.


Price lowered to $80 shipped


Price lowered asking $60 shipped, I need to get rid of this thing quick


Ill buy it off ya!! Holla at me for 60$ at the Orlando Tourney.