FS: Custom sanwa stick~


Decided to sell yet another stick from my collection seeing as I have an excessive amount of sticks already. Up for grabs is a Custom sanwa stick. This one I just recently finished so it’s in brand new condition.

Here’s some specs:

Routered edges and sanded smooth, stained and finished. Sanwa JLF stick and OBSN buttons. Custom Testament artwork below arcrylic piece. Sony ps1 pcb for easy conversion. Feels, looks and plays great. Asking $170 shipped (UPDATED PRICE!!!) probably lowest i’ll go!!! i’m open to OBO’s as well.

One of my better made sticks, here’s some recent pics:

Thanks for viewing!

thats really nice, what kind of wood is that? and what are the measurements?

Just to be anal about this. I hope you actually comissioned that artwork; otherwise, please don’t call it ‘custom’.


lol, i call my SFAC stick a custom and all i did was rearrange the buttons

Oh, what I mean by the artwork being custom is that I made it myself. The background and the logo on the corner, the only non custom thing about it is the character, Testament, which is heavily modified anyway. I, for the most part, make all the graphics for my stiks. So no need to be anal =D

The wood is # 2 pine measuring 11.5’ x 9.5’ x 2.85’. Gonna lower the cost to $200 shipped after thinking about it at work today =) If you guys need any feedback checkups you can check the feedback fourm here or you can look up “gamersfantasy” on ebay.

Thats a tight stick. Good job.

I wanna buy it and I build my own!

I like the knot in the wood on the front.

Dropping price, 190 shipped =)

olli your sticks look awesome man!
might buy one off you when I get the loot

Man that’s some pretty sick craftsmanship. Props to you.

Ohh wish I could buy that ish if only I knew what Testament was/seen/read it and if I had the spare $$.

Hope you keep these up and coming they’re very nice looking.

bump for great justice

Price Drop! $180 shipped =D prolly last drop before I gank it.

changing the price to $170 shipped, that’s pretty much $150 for the stick plus the shipping, this is the price i give to my friends usually! Who wants to be my friend? =)

Pm’d you.

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