FS: Custom Seimitsu Stick

**----update, stick sold----

Up for sale I have a brand new custom Seimitsu stick built by me, the “hypnostik”. It is my first prototype for custom sticks I will be offering soon.
It has a Seimitsu LS-32 stick, 6x ps-14-G for the play buttons and 2x ps-14-DN for select and start.
Under the hood is a PS1 digital pad.

Dimensions for this stick are 8x11" x 2.75" at the back and slants to 2.25" on the front


for more images: http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p91/hexonyou/Joysticks/

As I said before its my first prototype (second will be ready for sale soon…finishing up the artwork)
and as such the finish on it didn’t come out quite perfect, there are a few spots where you can see it could have used more sanding under the paint, so
I’m going to let this one go for a bit cheaper than the future sticks I will be building. I’m asking $130 shipped for it.

wow very nice :tup:

interesting art work too

It’s made from zebra :smiley:

price (not trying to be an ahole it’s just forum policy). i saw the picks and like what you did with the side buttons. is the art changable? QD? thanks for the reply!

there is a price
it says 160 shipped

Is the stick, top mounted or bottom mounted? It seems as if the stick is bottom mounted due to the shaft length looking short in the pic.

Yes the stick is bottom mounted, which means the shaft length (eww that sounds dirty) is 1/4" shorter than on a top mounted stick. After extensive testing I have found this doesn’t effect gameplay at all and it feels fine. (and i have BIG hands! :rofl:)

–thanks shoo :slight_smile:

–Tech_throw sure I can change the art to whatever if neccessary

sorry, my bad. I didn’t notice the text under the pic :smiley: keep up the good work!

bump, currently I can put either a ds1 or xbox pcb if these are preferred, artwork can also be changed to suit buyers needs.

—edit: price lowered, only $130 shipped now!

Thats not a bad price for a nice looking stick… I hope you get a lot of business coming your ways bruh.

PM sent.