FS: Custom Stanley arcade stick


i had this stick custom made by Stanley, from NorCal. its the second stick ive gotten from him. alot of people in cali know about his work. had custom dimensions put in, to be pretty close to an Anniversary Edition stick. its got a 360 joystick. made from a ps2 board, with a ps2->dc converter. all works well, just dont play.

$100 + shipping



Price buddy, no price! :rofl:


fixed first post


I have one of these also, can vouch for quality.


Edit: never mind this im retarded I just read 360 stick and thought of xbox 360. but i get it now. sounds like a good deal might be interested.


I really like the case, If only it was a PS3 Stick. Good luck with the sale. BTW, does this Stanley sell his work somewhere online?


Once in a while he will putone on eBay. He does make ps3 sticks. Mostly word of mouth through Cali is how he sells. Trust me, if this was FOR the xbox 360, I’d be keeping it!

This stick only has a couple hrs gameplay on it


I’m interested, though how hard is it to swap out that stick art?


assuming, obviously, u have the proper size art… the bottom cardboard piece of the box has 3 screws. once u have access to the inside, u have to unplug the wires from the buttons and the joystick, unscrew the button lugnut piece, and pop of the “c” clamp from the joystick. basically, take the buttons and stick off, and the plexi top comes off. bye bye artwork. the plexiglass is held on only by the buttons and stick. no screws/bolts.

easier than it sounds. maybe 15 minutes