FS: Custom stick, dual PCB/ Optical stick/Norris Arcade Case

Looking to see if there’d be any interest in this.

Here’s my baby, which I’m considering letting go of. Full rundown/details after the pics:

  1. Norris Arcade Stick Case, in nearly pristine condition. The only problem is a very, very tiny dent on the bottom right edge of the case - about 1mm wide, 3-4mm long, and probably no more than 1mm deep. Also, small shallow holes were drilled to hold the PCBs on the underside, they do not go all the way through the mounting wood.

  2. Dual PCB setup - PS3 Cthulu + Madcatz “square” PCB (out of their old horrible joystick). 360 triggers are not wired. The stick has 1 cord (apx. 6 ft long) that ends in a mini-din connector, and has two short (3-4 inch) USB connectors - 1 for 360 and 1 for PS3. Switching between systems is as easy as swapping cord ends. Works as a snag guard as well!
    None of the soldering on the PCBs has been “hot glued”, although there is a blob of it on the wires going from the xbox PCB to the Cthulu.

  3. An ASCII Optical joystick, in perfect working order. The gate has been replaced with a Sanwa square gate, and the top has been replaced with a Sanwa battop + adapter. The wires on the PCB are original and have only been trimmed down slightly to better fit in the case. Also, the stick has been unplugged whenever not in use to minimize power to the LEDs on the board (360s continually deliver voltage to the USB ports even when turned off, fun trivia).

  4. 6 Sanwa 30mm Black/grey snap-ins on the face, 3 24mm screw ins on the back (I think seimitsu, can’t remember for sure), 1 white body/clear plunger, the other two black.

The only “problem” I can think of is that occasionally the 360 fails to register the stick upon initial bootup - removing then reinserting the plug fixes the issue.

I put a lot of work (and expensive parts) into this, so I’m asking $360 + whatever insurance costs are, shipped within the continental US. Questions welcome, post 'em here or PM me.

that is one badass stick

Bad ass. And good price for a dualie w/ optical.

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