FS: Custom stick for sale only one left!

Well guys…due to a recent situation here at home…i have to part with some pretty good custom sticks I had for myself. Im sad to let these go…but I must:sad:

These 2 sticks have only been played on a handful of times. I recently took em out of storage to take pictures of them. These sticks are in excellent conditions.

I will only accept paypal payments.First come first serve basis applies!!! My paypal address is raging_demon_panda666@hotmail.com.
After you have pmed me and I have said that said item or items are yours you have 48 hours to pay me while I hold them for you. For those of you with paying paypal through credit card…please add 5.4% to the price of the stick.

Prices include shipping to US. Sorry but no international shipping cause its a hassle, unless you live in mexico :D.Also I will not take apart any of these sticks so please do not ask me to sell the Sanwa Flash1 on its own…it will go with the complete custom stick. I live in Mexico but live right in the border with Brownsville, Texas, so as soon as I receive payment for a stick I will cross the border and deliver it to the Post office to get it shipped over.

I’ve bought many sticks from people from SRK (Paik4life, ZombieCpt, The Real NeoGeo, Finkle,Urth) just to name a few, so buy with confidence :smiley:

Without further a do:lovin:

Finkle stick: $130 ON HOLD

Custom made by finkle
Seimitsu LS3201
6 Sanwa OSBN-30 Buttons
2 seimitsu buttons on back for start and select
This stick has two small chips on the paint…but it doesnt affect gameplay at all :smiley:

Thanks for looking…and I hope this sticks find a good home:sad:

The Timoe sticks are REALLY nice. I would’ve bought one if I wasn’t so broke right now.

P.S. Have a birdseye view of the Byrdo? Think people will wanna see it from the top.

PM Sent

Have a different picture of the Byrdo stick? All I can see is a lady in the picture.

PM sent

Yeah there is a birdseyeview of the stick on my flick sets…dunno why some ppl cant see it.

Anyway here is the link to the birds eye view:

Ahh this link tells me I have to log in, I dont for the other ones.

Bah, Se miran bien. Lastima venderlos.

Ah ya se…muy mal pedo…pero bueno…es necesario :frowning:

Okay ppl…the flickr albums should open up right now…permissions for everyone to see them werent activated…stupid flickr :frowning:

Timoe Stick#2 is sold.

Can I call dibs on the other TMO stick? I should know in a day or two if I can take it.

so what stick is with the sanwa flash?

Timoe stick #2…and its been sold :smiley:

Added a Purple See-thru ps2 (fattie) for sale with some goodies ^____^BTW this is UNMODDED!!!

dat ps2 isnt magic swap ready is it :slight_smile: id buy it if it was :slight_smile:

Bump…Thread has been updated :smiley:

I am interested in finkles stick if it is still available

Damn, so was I D:

I sent a PM inquiring about the Timoe #1 stick. It’s more than likely a guaranteed purchase.