FS: Custom Stick with MC Cthulhu

I’m confused, soo i need 360 cable?

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If you want to Xbox360 support to the stick, you’ll need to send it to a modder to do the work to get it added in, or take it to a major so you can hand it to a modder in person. If you’re asking these questions, I do not think it is a mod you should attempt yourself. Tell 'em you have an MC Cthulhu stick with RJ-45 jack only and want to add Xbox360 support, preferrably using a MadCatz FightPad and Impv2.

What Toodles said.
You will need to get the Arcade Stick Dual Modded for Xbox 360 support.

After the mod, you can use the same USB cable on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

well im a welder, ive done sodering before if thats what i need, but dam =( i should of read a bit more on the PCB but ill like some instructions, if its too complex ill have to bash my skull to find a modder near me or somthing,

wow, i’m surprised people don’t know what a MC Cthulhu is.

i searched around the forums a bit on tech talk before and i kinda over looked the post, i thought it was already built in

thx alot, ill take a good look at it once im off from night school

With every bump my heart breaks a little more I didn’t grab this. :frowning:

No. Microsoft uses a security authentication chip to lock out unauthorized 3rd party controllers. Third party companies have to pay a license fee to Microsoft to make controllers.
The security chip was created by highly advanced aliens from another dimension. Only highly advanced ASIAN aliens from another dimension where able to crack it, but fear of lawyers keep them from selling them in the USA. I believe that cracking the chip constitutes breaking the DMCA act.

Just kidding on the aliens part. I found an article on why it wouldn’t be built in.

I rolf at your avatar pic, but thanks for the knowdledge i ment that i thought he did the mod already, thats what i missread. soo i have to purchse the IMP?

You do not necessarily need an Imp.
You can use a DPDT Switch.

Imp and DPDT Switch is just to control the Data Lines of USB.
So that you can use one USB cable for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
You can have a Dual Mod with two USB cables sticking out if you want it so.

My mistake as well, I should have listed it as not being dual modded.
I figured most would either ask ahead of time or gather as much from no extra pcb attached to the MC Cthulhu.

Really sorry about that.

I’m glad you like the stick otherwise though! :slight_smile:

yea lol, i love it i just gotta know how to tackle this problem lol, im a dumbass i have no reason to rage

OMG I think I love you, I was going to ask you about this too, lol

Dam… I can’t find a modder… I’m really sad, if I attempt the job there’s room for error, but that’s the only way as I see it, I got the 360pad pcb, I just need impv2 and i think I’m set, along with the tools and such. Seems like a huge project, overwhelmed.

or u can just contact a modder or start a WTB thread and ask if he/she is willing to sell u a pre-soldered 360+MC+imp+rj45 and all u need to do is plug it in place of ur MC. of course, that leaves u with a spare MC…

Hmm, ill see what I can do, I wonder if I could make a thread about both

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I can.

Well I just posted in gummowed’s thread, ill see if I can get any feedback from him

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