FS: Custom Sticks from my collection

Hi all, up for sale is a Custom Stick made by SNAAKE a SRK member who was one of the first selling custom sticks along with Dreaded Fist. This stick is a few years old and has custom Naruto art. The PCB is a 3rd party PS controller with HAPP Comp Stick and convex (comp) buttons. The stick itself plays plays perfectly but once in a while it’ll say on the screen “Please connect player one controller” so i’m assuming its a PCB issue. Price is $70 dollars shipped + paypal

Next up is a custom stick made by Painted Pale in February/March 2007 with Final Fantasy XI art. It has some custom features that were not on other custom sticks such as the bottom tabs that make it sturdy on a flat surface and not move and added weights in the stick itself so it weighs a bit more to add to sturdiness. Also the actual stick location is lowered from his normal design which is a little bit higher. The stick is modified with a Seimitsu LS-32 with Seimitsu green bubble balltop and 6 Sanwa 30mm Screw-in green buttons. The PCB is the original PS controller. On the top side of the box contains 2 24mm Sanwa screw-ins for start and select. The removable bottom was damaged on the top as it was impossible to remove since the bottom piece is actually screwed in pretty tight which I wasn’t aware of to tighten to the balltop. I finally was able to remove the bottom with some effort but as a result damage was incurred. There are some little dings on the edges but other than the bottom the stick has no damage. The bottom is replaceable also if you wish to replace it. The stick also plays perfectly fine and is only a few months old. I recently got 2 HRAP2 so I like the feel of those better. Price is $130 shipped + paypal






FFXI stick SOLD. Naruto Stick still available, price drop @$45 + shipping + paypal

aw man, i’m tempted and i would totally buy it, but i’m getting an HRAP soon. =[