FS: Custom Wood Chun-li Dual-Mod, USB Saturn Pad, White TE Bezel

For all you Ohio folks looking for some dual mod action or just a repair. PM me and I’ll hook you up.
I’ve been mainly doing dual modding but there’s a boatload of people looking for other types of mods so the waiting list is getting longer by the day.

Send me a PM or find me at the WSMS on Thursday Nights.

For Sale:

This thing is absolutely beautiful. Check it out.




Here’s some video of trololo guy:


It’s a dual mod using toodle’s ChImp board and a 360 fightpad. All sanwa 8 button vewlix layout and JLF joystick. The top uses 1/8 plexiglass and currently has my own personal artwork. I can remove it or edit/reprint it to say your name/gamertag/whatever. The back has start,back, and home buttons for easy access but they’re recessed to prevent accidental presses. A silver Neutrik USB jack mounted on the back with a white gasket.

This is a foe hammer case and it comes with a 10’ clear USB cable and octagonal JFL gate.

All of this for only: $200 (plus shipping)

The price is firm. You probably won’t even get a TE dual modded for that cheap. I would very much like to sell this within the week.

Sega Gray & Blue SLS USB Saturn Pad: $21 Shipped USPS Priority Mail w/ Tracking (US48 only)

All payments to be made either cash (local) or PayPal verified. Items ship only to PayPal verified addresses.
All items ship out the next business day unless payment is received early enough. Most of the time, items ship out the same day!

White TE Bezel
SE w/ Sanwa Buttons
Tekken 4 Buttons
Tekken 4 Joystick sans the buttons
MvC2 TE Custom Dual Mod
NIB Femme Fatale 360 TE stick
Sega Saturn Pad
Namco Joystick Mint x2

Oh my gawd I’m so wanting this…ack. I should hit up my friend and see if he wants it. Probably not, but just to double check with him i’ll hit him up and get back to you.

About $190 shipped?

Last time I sent a TE parcel post it was 17.50 including tracking.

If I don’t sell it by around 4:30 today I might just dual mod it and keep it/sell the other stick instead. I’m not really sure yet.

Well he said he’s interested in getting it. Are you taking paypal/money order/cash? I’m double checking with him right now to see if he’s got the money. He’s been looking for a good price on one for months now.

Sent you a PM.

Femme Fatale Stick sold.

Added BB:CS

I pm’d you.

PM’ing you about BBCS!
Not sure that the PM went through; I have some stuff for trade in this thread: http://shoryuken.com/f226/wtt-spyder-victor-paintball-gun-maybe-some-360-accs-246853/

Do you want to barter? Oh, and that BlazBlue copy for the PS3?

Got the PM, it’s PS3. Price of SE w/Sanwa Buttons Updated.

It’s a steal folks.

So, not willing to trade then?

No trades. White TE bezel added.

PM sent.

SE Sold.

Tons of new items added.


Bump for 1 week!

I would totally jump if the white te bezel was shipped 50 states :frowning:

pm sent

interested in saturn pad. your in box is full