[FS] Customized 360/PS3 compatiable Madcatz TE Stick (SF Female Art, 6 button layout)

Hey guys! I’m currently living in Japan atm, and I’m moving back to the states next month. I don’t have any room in my luggage to fit my TE stick, so I’m trying to sell it before I head back.


This is the 360 Madcatz SFIV TE stick. It has an art template with Chun Li, Sakura, and Cammy. I took out 2 of the buttons to give it that true SF arcade layout. I still have the original box, the two buttons that I took out, and the original plastic layout cover.

I put a cthulu chip into it, however, it seems to have some problems when I use it for the PS3 (inputs not registering properly). I’m not exactly sure what the problem is, but I’m sure it can be fixed easily. The stick has absolutely no problems on the 360. Pretty much like new, and in excellent shape.

Like I said above, I’m still in Japan, so I’d prefer selling it to someone in Japan, or somewhere in Asia. If you’re outside of Asia, I’m willing to ship, but get ready to pay a lot for shipping if you want to go with standard airmail. I honestly can’t come up with a price atm, so please PM me with your offers.


The rules state that you need to put a sale price and cannot “take offers”.