FS: D-lite Supergun, Atomiswave, MVS


Hey Everyone,

Money Orders Only. PM with any questions.

Willing to trade for the following stuff:

  • new OR used DS lite system

PS2 Stuff

  • Final Fantasy XII and the guide
  • The Tekken 5 bundle
  • The FlipTop for an old style fat PS2 and the disk that comes with it.
  • S-video/audio cable
  • Metal Slug Anthology
  • Street Fighter EX3
  • a Hori Fighting Stick2
  • Kingdom Hearts 2
  • The Nightmare Before CHristmas Oogie Boogie’s Revenge

Beatmania- Used literally once. comes with everything in the pic (box, turntable style controller, and game)


  • $35 Shipped


or will trade

AtomisWave mobo for a new DS lite.

my feedback from neo-geo.com is here



Atomiswave mobo pic 1

Atomiswave mobo pic 2

works 100%, doesn’t have the covers. have a tiny bend in the metal as you can see in the 2nd pic.

  • **$190 shipped **

Guilty Gear Isuka Kit- Everything is original, except for the manual, which is photocopied.

  • $135 shipped

Partial King of Fighters: neowave kit- 3 move strips, manual, cart, and flyer

  • **$90 Shipped **


MV-1F- Has the US bios. Works great.

  • $70 Shipped (on hold)

Pics of the carts-

  • Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle- $ 25 shipped (sold)
  • World Heroes 2 Jet- $ 25 shipped (traded)
  • Samurai Showdown 2- $ 25 shipped (sold)
  • King of Fighters 96- -$ 25 shipped (sold)
  • King of Fighters 97- $ 50 shipped
  • King of Fighters 99- $ 30 shipped
  • Breakers- $40 shipped
  • Breakers Revenge- $ 40 shipped
  • Top Players Golf- $ 20 shipped (sold)
  • Windjammers $ 45 shipped (sold)

ALL carts are original. Kizuna is the only one with a fake label.


:wonder: bump


bump. MV-1F price lowered


Lowered price on supergun as well.


big ol’ bump


damnit all the kofs nobody wants :frowning: that neowave is a great deal though :tup:


Have you tried it on a Naomi and a CPS3 board?


hehe, thanks! i think it’s just a bad time to be selling for some reason…

haven’t tried naomi, but CPS-3 does have color problems. It has someting to do with the pots in the supergun. As of right now I know for a fact that CAVE shooters and CPS-3 don’t work right.

The owner before me said Cps-2 works ok though, so thats why I say it’s a hit or miss if you’re not using MVS or Atomiswave.


last bump in this forum. speak now or forever hold your peace. Am willing to trade for a new DS lite.


Pm sent.


PM sent


Thanks again VEGA_OMEGA, I’ll ship tomorrow.


supergun shipped too.

One last bump. still have atomiswave and MVS stuff.


now looking for either a PS2 and guitar hero, or a new ds lite as a trade. PM me if you want to strike a deal.


TTT one last time.


gotta do some more bumps, cause now i’m looking for PS2 stuff.


I’ve got KH2 (non GH) FFXII LE (SEALED) and LE Strategy Guide (SEALED) All I’m really interested in is Atomis Wave


PM sent.


BUMP. Added Beatmania


bump. Price drop on beatmania.