FS: David Sirlin's Playing to Win Book $5


Learn the art of fighting and playing to win from the master of YOMI himself, David Sirlin. 131 pages of info and insight by one of the greatest street fighter players in the world. David explains how to play mind games before the match even starts and how to detect lag in a non lag monitor. All of this great info and more for a measly $5 with covers the cost of shipping, packaging.

Limited supply.


I’ll take one! Where do I sign up? :bgrin:

By the way, PM sent!

I apologize to the people interested but I did say “limited supply” and I regret to inform you that we are sold out of this hot item.

I missed the opportunity of a lifetime :sad:

The original post before the edit was so much more harsh.

Oh man I missed it! Oh well, it’s to be expected. After all, this thread was posted a day ago. :lol:

A day ago? Try a few hours. He was basically saying it was a good read at first then said , “now its worthless, when I read it.” Now he’s praising it. Also, isnt this a downloadable book? How does he have a limited supply? Are these printed copies?

Congrats to the lucky buyer to receive a hard copy of this. It has a holiness to it one cannot truly appreciate unless one feels the pages of David Sirlin in his hands.

I picked up one of these, and to masturfader- yes these are the actual published copies, not printed from an electronic copy. for 5 bucks I think it was a great deal, leaving feedback now.

EDIT: waaa?.. did everyone’s feedback get reset when they did the site redesign? That’s kind of weak…

If anyone finishes with their copy and wants to pass it along, send me a PM, and I’ll buy.