FS: DC, 2 Green Goblin, 2 controller, 2 VMU, original MVC2 and 3S


Pulled out of storage room… moving and can’t take it with me. Everything as pictured. Everything should work, it worked when I last played with the stuff, but I’ve already boxed up my TV so can’t test any of this stuff. Games are in good condition.

Dreamcast with cables
Two regular controllers
Two green goblins
Two VMU’s (only found the plastic cap for blue one, the other is white)
MVC2 original disc in original case with manual… case is cracked
3S original disc
edit: Found a copy of Plasma Sword that I will be throwing in too. In original case with manual.

Again, I’m moving into a place half the size of my current place so I can’t take this stuff with me. $125 OBO shipped anywhere in the US. Need this stuff gone in a few days. Movers are coming tomorrow and I’m cleaning out my place the next few days so it has to go by then since I’m not bringing it with me.




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Link to a video showing the condition of the discs.


Would you be willing to part this lot out?

I’m interested in one Agetec (which ever is in the best condition w/ box?) and that 3rd Strike disc.


I might also be interested in the other agetec depending on cost.


I’m not trying to part everything out due to shipping costs.

Also, found a copy of Plasma Sword in original case that will be coming with everything. Same price.


Well alrighty then…!


Hey is this sold yet? Sent ya a pm a few days ago


Responded to PM’s… need to get this outta my old place! Can ship on Tuesday for those still interested.


Still available.


I PMd u a week ago telling u I would pay the entire 125 and u never responded. its too late now tho, I bought two agetec off of ebay.