FS: DC/NoVA - PS1/2, Xbox, DC, PSP, Arcade parts, more


All gone

Not familiar with C3, where/when is it held?

Nah never heard of it, I may go, not sure. Are you located south of Ashburn?

I guess if a few people are going and interested in some stuff I’d definitely go for convenience.

I’m about 45 mins. to 1 hour south of Ashburn in Dumfries, even if I end up not going we could probably still meet up on the 18th. I’ll just head out to whatever road you’d be on as you pass by my area.

I think I actually may go though if it ends up bein just the $8 venue fee for casuals.

If you do decide to ship, could I get Capcom vs. SNK 2, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, and Guilty Gear XX:R for $40 shipped?

can i get the LS 33?
pm me if available

Any MiniSD cards? I’ll be at C3 as well

Jawn Jawn, I’ve already had somebody ask about CvS2, SFAC, and MvC2, if he backs out I will let you know.

Shoo, I’ll be in touch after the 18th if that stick is still available.

krost, sorry no MiniSD cards.

how fast is that 2gb sd card

Fighter’s Choice modded Arcade Stick case with PCB: $20
can i see pics of that?

and is the 8’ rail a flatbar or is it kinked? adjustable height?

I’m interested in ;

Parasite Eve 2
Crazy Taxi

Not sure of the speed on the 2gb card, I think it’s 133/100x read/write.

I’ll send pics of the Fighter’s Choice case when I get em, the rail is a flatbar, it is adjustable but it doesn’t use sliders it has 3 separate leg attachments that bolt together, something like 6/9/15 inches. That’s for local pickup only though due to size/weight and it looks like you’re in Cali?

Gokou PM sent, I have Parasite Eve 1, not the 2nd.