FS: Dead or Alive 4 Xbox360 Joystick

Used, in great condition, adult owned Dead or Alive 4 Joystick made by Hori for $75.00(USD)

Shipping to USA will roughly cost about $10.00 - $15.00 a bit cheaper for Canada.

I am also willing to ship worldwide.

Payment could be made via paypal,money order, or cheque.

Edit: Price reduced!

100 bucks for what you can find locally for 35-50 :rofl:

Is it modded or something, otherwise…yeesh!

How would you find it sold ‘locally’ for 35-50 if it’s out of print and rare… How the hell would you expect a out of print Hori joystick to be selling for that price???

I’ve looked on plenty of sites and 80- 100 bucks was the general range.

Edit your post since it’s obviously based on nothing…

What he’s telling you is that the stick, sans the DOA sticker, is readily available. The model, if you will, has been re-released once with the release of Virtua Fighter 5 and will be re-released again with a Soul Calibur decal in time for Soul Calibur 4. Like mentioned before, if you haven’t modified your stick with arcade quality parts and remains with stock parts, oh boy. Think about what your asking. You want close to 100 for a USED stock Hori stick. One can go out and purchase the exact same thing, factory NEW, and with a much “cooler” decal imo for 60 off amazon http://www.amazon.com/Xbox360-Fighting-Stick-EX-Calibur/dp/B0018OCJ5Q/ref=pd_bbs_sr_6?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1215550737&sr=8-6
I’m not crapping on your thread, just helping the SRK community to not fall for your shenanigans. Out of print = big bucks? :rolleyes:

Pretty much


type in your local zip code and you will more than likely find one you can go and pickup, for some odd reason the doa4 stick is listed under a different name which if you call your local eb they can check if they have in stock. I bought this stick off of srk for 35 bucks used, 60 on ebay. If this stick would have been in the 50 mark I would have bought

Damn nigga you got like 10 of these sticks… What you need another one for!!! Plus I’m modding that stick for you that has 360 support…

backups my friend, backups