FS: Dell $250 GC, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 360 code. 360 PS3 games


$250 Dell.com gift card for $230 ON HOLD or trade for Amazon.com credit. I’ll PM you a $20 off $225 (single item, not total) coupon code for Dell Home orders. Good chance to save some money on a console or laptop/desktop purchase.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 360 code for $14.75, decided I want Castle Crashers instead.

Magna Carta 2 sealed $52 shipped

Tales of Vesperia sealed $26 shipped

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Wii sealed $38 shipped

Batman Arkham Asylum PS3 sealed $44 shipped

Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition sealed $49 shipped

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves sealed $49 shipped

Forza 3 sealed $48 shipped

Money orders only. Local pickup available in Woodbridge, VA area. I can ship 3 or more games via media mail to save a few bucks.


Ooo magna carta, unfortunately can’t do those payment options. :[
Good luck man.


how do you have a code for mvc2? I don’t understand. My friend wants it but how does that work? Don’t I need points?


The MVC2 code is the points technically. You redeem the code for the dl of the game instead of using points for it.


ya but where did he get the code from?


The retail version had a code that just DL’d the game itself. Other than that, I have no idea.


^ only ps3 got a retail version.

you can buy a XBLA game on amazon and it gives you a code to redeem however.


ahhh yes. duh. :confused:



Yeah I got mine from Amazon a while back, I still haven’t even revealed the code yet. Looking to get my 4 player side scrolling adventure gaming on.


Dropped prices a little, added Uncharted 2, Forza 3, WWE SvR


Added a Dell gift card, there are lots of coupons out there for systems and accessories if you keep an eye out.


By the way, you can’t force buyers to use the Gift option of paypal. We’ve established this in the rules.


what does gift option do?


If something goes wrong, you cant get a refund from paypal since it wasn’t for an item it was just a ‘gift’.


I’m interested in Uncharted 2, Batman and Forza 3. Check my thread for a trade. I’ve got stick parts and stuff.
U mean Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, right?




Well I wouldn’t say I’m “forcing” the buyer to do anything, so what’s the alternative? If you want me to not take PayPal at all that’s fine with me, buyers will have to deal with snail mail money orders. It’s easy for you to think of it as just avoiding a dollar or two, but it’s not your bottom line that’s being affected. Every dollar or two I unnecessarily throw away adds up over time you know…

But ok then, from now on no more PayPal, money orders only.

This is true, but PayPal will only refund money that’s there to begin with. Anyone with half a brain is going to withdraw the money immediately and PayPal isn’t going to do shit to help you. If intent to scam is there he’s gonna get your money no matter what, all this rule is doing is limiting options, but whatever.

Oops, thanks for catching that.


just a couple of things. it’s unfortunate that paypal takes money away and lately they bumped up the fees but to be able to reach to the masses paypal is basically a necessity. i feel your pain because i sell roughly $5,000 on ebay per month and not only does paypal take a cut but ebay takes a 10% cut on top of that. 12% of $5,000 per month total in fees yea it’s pretty steep but if paypal was cut that’s game over. by restricting yourself to money orders only you’re limiting your customers and yourself. for me personally i would never pay anyone via money order because if anything goes wrong i can’t fight it on paypal and i can’t fight it via my bank. just my 2 cents on the paypal issue.


I totally agree with this post. If you want to reach the masses just go ahead and eat the fees and go with PayPal. I don’t know any smart buyer on this board that would send Money Orders to anyone. You have some great stuff for sale that will sell very quickly if you accept PayPal, that’s way better than having to sit around and wait for that one person who MAY be willing to send you a money order. Good luck with your sale.