FS: DF sticks plus more (bay area locals only for now)


Well if nobody there grabs it I’d love to get my hands on that Samurai Fiction DVD. Is it Region 2?

PM sent for the sticks.

pm’s replied and thanks for the interest everybody.

sazae, samurai fiction is region 1 as well as all the other dvds except for maybe ashes of time which may be an all region.

if the sticks fall through, let me know.

have you posted on craigslist, too? i usually get a good response selling things locally (be sure to select your city first). Best of luck!

You Have the Movie Versus that movie4 sux LOL!!!

PM sent about sticks.

haha, yeah it sucks. i got suckered by what i thought was a cool looking cover.

pm’s replied.

and humcast yeah i’ll probably try craigslist for all the other crap i’m cleaning out.

PM sent about stick & SF EX2