FS: Dimahoo Blue CpS2 A+B + Naomi 1 Setup


Hello All,

I am new to this forum but not this site. Anyway I have some goods to peddle. I have feedback on Neo-Geo.com as darmrt and on Ebay as Knuckles1275. Well here goes, please be kind.

I have a Blue Dimahoo A+B board for sale.** SOLD**. The reason I am selling is because I am using a super gun and my television is much too big to be flipping back and forth so I am selling it. It comes with a beat up USA mobo. The board itself on the other hand is in excellent shape the sticker is nice and the exterior has no tape or foreign stickers and is very clean. It is not phoenixed and I am not sure when the battery was changed but, It was working at the time I tested it on 4/16/2007.

I am taking offers. If this interest you leave me a post here, send me a PM or an email at Knuckles1275@aol.com

I also extra Naomi 1 setup. The bios is USA Ver. D comes with Capcom I/O and all necessary hook ups SOLD


Sorry to have to tell you this, but the rules say you need to post a price.

Added price for Naomi 1 set up.

I would just like to mention that, I am really trying to raise enough money to fund a custom Joystick Project buy a Sega Naomi GD-Rom setup a Sega ST-V Titan MOBO and maybe have some cash for an obligation or two. I know what this stuff is worth and no reasonable offer will be refused.

I am certain that these items interest some one? I simply cannot use them.

Naomi 1 Setup Sold!! Dimahoo still available!!!

Dimahoo is outta here!!