FS: Dreaded Fist Custom Stick Sanwa/Happs *SOLD*

I am selling my custom stick purchased from Dreaded Fist. It has a Sanwa JLF stick with a square gate and black bat-top and 6 happs convex comp buttons on the top in a japanese button layout. The psb used is a PSOne DS pcb. There are also an additional 2 buttons on the right side for L1/L2. The start and select is located on the back to the left. Pictures with be posted shortly. It is in full working condition, just has some cosmetic issues on the outside of case from years of transporting it around and all the bumps it lived thru.

Price: [FONT=“Arial Black”]SOLD[/FONT]









so many views and not a single PM or post o_O. Talk to me people is it too much for you? Very willing to negotiate a price.

130 MAY be too much
130 might get you a new one

my 2 cents

Probably a little high on the price, given the condition. But it’s your stick, sell it for what you want to get out of it … or try to.