FS: Dreamcast +15 games 2 controllers 3 vmu

selling dreamcast with about 15 genuine games w/ 2 controllers looking for about $80 + shipping you also get a vga cable to use on a monitor. the dreamcast has a couple stickers from a local skateshop on it, nothign a bit of adhesive rmover could get rid of. if there is any interest for that lemme know and i will produce more info.

dreamcast games:

-bust a move 4
-sonic shuffle
-nhl 2k
-blue stinger
-quake 3 arena
-fighting force 2
-metropolis street racer
-phantasy star online
-phantasy star online ver.2
-evolution - the world of the sacred device
-sega smash pack volume 1
-jet grind radio

all these are my genuine games… not burnt copies. its pretty easy to burn games for the DC :o

Do you have to plug this card into the PC’s power supply? If so, do you have the cable? Thanks.

list of games for DC? I’m interested.

umm i have the adapter if you dont have the 6 pin cable on ur ps.

i will list the DC games in a moment.

If you want you can just PM them to me.

dreamcast games added.

video card SOLD