FS: Dreamcast, Agetec Stick, MvC2 Pix Up

As title Says, Want to do local pick up around Socal, If not, I’m willing to ship at buyers expense.

Dreamcast with controller and VMU Marvel save file, RCA cable $40

Agetec Stick Used and abused but still works $40 on hold for GOLDEN-NZ

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 just disc couple scratches but still works $30

Locals have dibs first, after saturday free game for anyone

Oh Yeah for People that want it shipped i only accept paypal


peeeeeeeeeeeeeete are you retiring??? noooooo… i might get that stick from you homie…:wink: you know i’m moving to S.D by the end of this summer…

oh you already kno bro
nah not retiring just need money plus i live by plenty of arcades

anyways how u and the fam bro

interested in the agetec, LMK what shipping is to 19490

hmmm that stick sounds interesting, and i live in the LBC :wgrin:

We hope so, since thats what you name implies, otherwise its false advertising 8P.

Where is the LBC anyhow?

I noticed you go to regency my friend and yeah i do live in Long Beach i don’t claim 562 for nothing :rofl::rofl:, but yeah anyone interested hit me up via IM

O__o how u know i roll to regency :confused:

I miss Regency. :frowning:

nah i use to post in the MvC2 Regency Thread then u started to clutter it j/k

well if u have pics of the stick i might nab it :bgrin:

pix are up my friends

sanwa stick on hold for LBC

everything still up for sale

Do you think the agetec is still in good enough shape for modding? I’d still be using it for a dreamcast. The outside I could care less about (i’d paint it anyway) but I wanna know if the guts and cord are still in good shape?

Any clue what font you used on that finkle stick?

everything still works. it hasn’t given me any problems the past 2 years so the pcb and cord are still good

as for the font you might want to ask finkle himself on his thread

Agetec on hold for GOLDEN-NZ

agetec SOLD!
check you paypal G!

thanks supa! :tup: