FS - Dreamcast and games

This is for somebody I kinda know. He doesn’t have an account here, and I thought it’d be stupid for him to make one here. He’s looking for any offers. Let me know, and I’ll get you in touch with him.

I just figured since nobody on Neowin really wants DC’s, and a lot of people here DO… maybe this would wokr.

Thank you my friend i really apreciate this :)…
as ive never heard of this site before… been hiding away :)…

NP man. I just hope it helps a little :slight_smile:


Sweet - Forster here from Neowin, best of luck GD.

It’s like the best fighting game forum, and the best computer forum combined for the first time! haha

One last bump by moi.

a price would help

The second poster “Groovedude” is the guy.
PM him. I was just helping the dude out cuz he did for me on the other site.

oh i wasnt interest in it, just suggesting that a price would help the sale.

ps…im finally gonna make the jump to neowin since its in interests to my careerchoice (computer networking/administration)
pps great av mixah

hmm i was more relying on offers… :)… see what people are willing to pay.

good ol srk forum rules say you must have prices. i have a buddy who is interested but not until he see’s a price though.

ok erm… :slight_smile: i will edit the 1st post ! :slight_smile:

just post it here, cuz you can’t edit my post. lol

60 (includes postage)

or make an offer… :stuck_out_tongue: