FS: Dreamcast ASCII Capcom VS SNK Stick

This is the one that has a digital style Sanwa stick that got discontinued…the “Flash” or whatever the heck it was called. It does not actually have one in it, but that’s the style AFAIK. $80 shipped anywhere in the USA…this is a very tough stick to find…It is a normal 6 button layout, Japanese style stick…



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so, this si the ascii FT but w/o ascii flash clone?


he ment it doesn’t have a sanwa flash in it, but it has a clone type stick in it (just as good according to many)

i’d like that stick… damn finances

this is actually the blue SNK version, and BUMP

Dropped you a PM.

This is an exceptionally good deal for someone who wants the Flash1 feel but can’t get one. $80 for that rare stick is VERY good. Hell, I wouldn’t sell any of mine for $80.


accept money order?
if so i get some $ from my dad for being in college on sunday night when i come back to campus… so i potentially could ship a money order or somthing on monday

Shodokan: I do, but PayPal is quicker. YOu can place a bid on it on eBay now if you want. I’ll only pull it for PayPal…

well, i only have a pre paid debit, and i owe 20$ since i havn’t used it in 6 months. so nvm, i don’t have the extra 20 to spend.

Yes, I second that. It is a great joystick, and I somewhat regret letting go of mine few years ago (I had the other black and yellow variant). I miss the feel of the ultra smooth and quiet stik only possible with the optical sensor technology it uses. However, the buttons aren’t very robust and is probably the only flaw to an otherwise well designed product.

Can you put this on hold? I’ll give you an answer by this Monday if that is fine. I’ll be able to paypal.

i guess i’m behind a couple people…

is this the ebay item with the sea green buttons and top?

I’m not holding this, I stuffed it on eBay because everyone keeps asking to “hold” it, but I have had many people do this before, and never pay…

Okay, no problem, I just hope I get the money and time on Monday haha.