FS: Dreamcast Controllers and VMU's


I have 3 Official Dreamcast Controller and 3 Official VMU’s. If anyone is interested I’ll sell the whole lot for $20 bucks + shipping.

Not sure how much shipping costs so we can work that out if anyone is interested. I’ll also sell thing seperately if the price is right.


this should be really quick. good deal. im 99% sure the next poster in this thread will be the buyer


Hold this ish for me, I’ll PM you either tomorrow or tonight regarding the details. Any chance of you having a broadband adapter? How much you think its gonna be for shipping to Philly, PA?

I need those damn VMUs

edit: screw getting a broadband adapter, that ish is like $150+ on ebay.


Hook me up with your zip code and I’ll try to find out what the shipping will be like. I don’t want the costs to be too crazy either.


Zip is 19132, let me know when you get the price of that shipping. I’m pretty sure I can pay for this.

Got any pics to display?


I’ll try and get pics later today. I’ll try to find out how much shipping will be tomorrow at the post office.