FS: Dreamcast Games MvC2,MvC, CvS, KoF2002

Hi all, just want to sell some of my stuff to gather cash for another mod :wgrin:

HRAP v1B (non-mirror top) SOLD - in real good condition, its only a few months old, has some scuff marks but not noticable. The stick is modded with Sanwa screw-in buttons and has the first left buttons taken out and replaced with plug-ins for a 6 button layout. $100 shipped


Dreamcast Agetec Official Stick SOLD

Its been used on over the years but is still in very good condition with some minor scuff marks. $50 plus shipping


Dreamcast Games

Import DC Kof2002 complete - Disc is in perfect condition with small minor crack in the case. ** $27 shipped**

USA MvC2 - disc has some scratches, case is cracked and the instructions is missing. $22 shipped

USA MvC - minor scratches on disc, case has some cracks and no instructions. $13 dollars shipped

USA CvS - disc in pretty good condition, case has minor cracks and no instructions. $10 dollar shipped

Import CvS2 SOLD (complete) w/ bonus match disc - disc is in perfect condition but the case has a minor crack. This is complete with instructions and has the bonus disc with JP match footage. 40$ shipped (bonus disc is at home so plz wait for pic of that soon)

Prices do not include paypal.


dibs on the hrap

another PM sent for the green goblin.

interested in HRAP1vb if no one else takes it

HRAP SOLD. Agetec plus Cvs2 SOLD :wgrin:

bump :slight_smile:

aww crap :sweat:

dood just download toodles 5in1 capcom pack
its called TDC final


prices updated


bump price drop

yhpm re: cvs

Bump. Interested in the MvC2 when I get some cash.

update: KoF2002 $25 dollars shipped !