FS: dreamcast stick, games, psx games

Well, first time seller so if I am mistaken on anything please bear with me.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/9915428@N05/ Sorry, project justics has been sold.

Within I have a modded agetek stick $65including shipping - SOLD, dreamcast games: Garou $25, KoF Evolution $15, Last Blade 2 $15 , and psx games: darkstalkers $10, KoF 95 $10, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure $10.

I am not too specific with prices, so if you have an offer feel free to pm me.
If there are other questions please feel free to ask. Prices are negotiable.

Payments I will prefer to be made through paypal. The email is fakename@kuririnmail.com

pm sent.

Pm sent. By the way, rules are you gotta post prices.

My bad.

I’ll take Project Justice if it’s complete. Can you take some pics?

Sure, I’ll post pics of project justice.

Yeah, the Project Justice is complete.

I checked the pictures but I didn’t see PJ…