FS: Dreamcast System, Accessories, and Games, TE Vewlix Stick Art

Prices are shipped within US OBO

Dreamcast System Bundle - Will play backups (Includes 4 controllers and 4 VRU Mem Cards) - $65 Shipped - SOLD
Games (All Complete and NM):
Shenmue - $12 Shipped
KOF Evolution - SOLD
Phantasy Star Online - SOLD
Crazy Taxi - $5 Shipped - SOLD
ASCII SNK Version Fightpad (Complete with box, character profile cards and Cont Mint Condition) - $25 Shipped - SOLD
Vewlix TE Art (For Standard Layout) - 10 Shipped

Does the te art include the top panel as well or no?

no just art

U wouldn’t happen to have two of those arts do you?

only one

pm sent =)

ill take shenmue pm me paypal

I wish your art was 6 button.


Payment sent for KOF Evolution…

Might you be interested in shipping to the Cayman Islands? I might be interested in the Dreamcast system bundle, depending on cost of shipping.

edit: and, you know, assuming it’s tested and working and all those minor details. :slight_smile:

Rampage, I only may have the system, the regular controllers with VMU and Crazy taxi left interested?

If the buyer for the TE art falls through, I’d like to buy it!

Very possibly - How much would you let those go for then?

@rampage I can do $65 + Shipping

Can you send me a PM with a quote for shipping? Assuming it’s not completely unreasonable, you can pretty much consider it sold (not implying you’ll rip me off by the way, I just mean that it’s often kinda pricey to send things to the islands)


Payment sent. :tup:

Interested in the Vewlix TE art. I can pay right now if it is still for sale. Let me know.

I’m also interested in the vewlix stick art. Let me know.