FS: Dreamcast with goodies!

So I was cleaning out my drawers when I stumbled across my friends Dreamcast he gave me a while ago. I don’t really need it, so I figured someone might want it here.

Dreamcast (I’ll clean it up as best as I can, just a bit dirty, that’s all.)
A/V cables
Power cord
Modem thing on the side (forget the name…)

I can also throw in a bunch of games, they’re all old burned games my friend gave to me also…

MVC2: Accurate Mix
CVS2: DDR Mix (song changes, lol)
CVS2: Accurate Mix
Guilty Gear X
Megaman Collection
Gundam DX Renpou vs. Zeon Discs 1 and 2
Last Blade 2

I can’t charge for the games, obviously, so it’s thrown in there for free.

$45 shipped. :smiley:

At first I was like “What the hell is Accurate Mix” :lol:

You have a pm!

Haha, it’s better music injected into the game. It does fit much better than the original. :smiley:

45 for everything ! :wow:

It makes sense, right? I got them for free, it would be unfair to charge someone for free shenanigans… haha.

Like, the high speed modem?

PRECISELY… that’s why this is all so goddamn cheap. It’s already on hold. o.o

Hmm. Crazy. LMK then if it falls through.

Dreamcast with a lan adapter for only $45 shipped, damn

is seganet still online anyway? just curious.

He didn’t say it was the LAN adapter just that it was a “modem thing.”

Yea guys, it’s not the LAN adapter, just the stock phone jack thingamabob it comes with, I confused myself, lol.