FS : Dual Modded VSHG. [SOLD]


Yep selling this stick, dont use it anymore. I think it deserves a much better home. Dual modded for ps3 and 360.

$150 shipped. :amazed:

Pic found Here.

Also dont just PM me randomly, post here first then PM me.


oh damn, if i didn’t have a VSHG already, definitely would’ve hopped on this. good luck.


Sorry I missed the part where you said no random PM. How was the dual modded? Any holes drilled in the case?


Sold ;__; .


I knew I should’ve pulled the trigger.


Lol didnt think this would go as fast as it did.


Lol you coulda atleast 165 without it being duel modded over 200 being duel modded some one got a real good deal


You know me, always giving ridiculously good deals. Plus its the Holiday season. :bgrin:


Damn that was a really good deal!


Yes very good deal. Thank you kind sir. Will let you know once I get the item.