FS: eBay BIG PS1 Sale (Rare RPGs/Fighting Games + Others Included) 60+!

My auctions, username: logan235711 : )

Hello : )

I’m selling most of my video game items and right now I’m on my PS1 section. They all start @ 0.99 cents with no reserve : )

All my games do come from a non-smoking environment, are 100% complete, and are of the non-greatest hits versions/original printings–I was a bit of a perfectionist in my collecting over the years lol. I also provided photos of each game that includes the casing and the discs–both front and back in the auctions.

I may add some more games to the auction list, probably import Saturn and import SNES games, and if I do…I’ll edit the thread title with a date or something. This probably won’t happen till at least Friday, but just a heads up in case : )

If I’ve forgotten to mention anything or you have any specific questions please feel free to post them here (that’s part of what the thread is here for ^^) and I’ll try to answer to the fullest extent of my abilities. Thank-you for taking your time to look and happy bidding ^^


P.S. I have an old thread from last March when I sold my last batch on SRK right Here.

P.P.S. I forgot! I am giving free shipping on all additional items won beyond the first for everyone on SRK (i.e. free combined shipping), just be sure to email me or something when the auction ends so I know who to give it to ; )

I will definitely place some bids.

Already got my bids down.

Do you have any ps1 controllers for sale? I want to buy some outside of eBay. PM me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank-you for taking the time to look at my auctions so far everyone, I hope you are able to get what you want : )

PM Sent ; )

Man, who keeps outbidding me!

You, my friend, have started to speak my language. Bid placed.

Do you have oddworld games?

I don’t, those are all my PS1 games up with exception to one Final Fantasy Promo CD (I need to figure out exactly what it is before I list it) and a few Longbox PS1 games.

Very nice collection. I collect old school games so i’ll be checking these out for sure.

looks sweet, definately check it out

i don’t have an ebay account, will you take orders outside of ebay?

Not at this time. I’ll just try ebaying everything first then if there are left-overs (either unbidded items or people not paying) I can offer them to whomever would like them. In the auction descriptions I say that I accept money orders, therefore, since it is free to make an account I eBay you could just sign up and do a money order.

And thank-you for the nice comments about my collection/auctions everyone : )

pm me when all the auctions are over with all the unsold games. i am willing to buy some =)

u got any controllers? pm me with all that. thanks bro

Just bumping to remind everyone that there is only one day left. I hope everyone is able to get what they’re bidding on : )