FS: eBay: HRAP2 custom full-Seimitsu


I’ve had this for a little bit but I don’t use my console games much since I got my New Astro City cabinet. I’ve also got a few fighting games up for sale on the fleabay: CCC2 (PS2), SF:AC (PS2), SFAA.

The link you provided points to an invalid item.

Invalid Item. I’m interested. Pics?! Or did you sell it already?

Sorry about that. The auction begins tonight (7:15pm), so that’s probably why the item shows up as invalid right now.

i’m VERY interested but i live in canada… any way we can make arrangements?

dude ur shippng from goleta? i live in IV i woulda bought this from you straight up.

edit: if i outbid for this item, is there a way we could just meet up somewhere for the exchange?

you have a buy it now price in mind ??

Just FYI I would cut a piece of paper the same size as the turbo switch cover and put it on the pcb.

Not that it’s a big deal but is one of the turbo switches missing?!

It says you think one might be in your description and it’s hard to tell in the pictures.

And yeah, I would’ve bought it from you straight up.

he said he took them all out, so in the picture it doesnt show any. extras come in a bag he says

Ah, that makes sense. Pardon my slowness.

Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Since you’re an SRKer, if you win the auction how about you pay actual shipping costs.

Yeah, local pickup is cool with me.

Yeah I removed all of the turbo switches and put them in the bag with the original buttons. I did a quick count when I wrote the auction and came up one short. When I get back into town Monday evening I’ll take a closer look.

I’m not really sure what it’s worth, so I don’t have a buy-it-now.

Yes, I just counted and one of the turbo switches is missing. There are nine total but I only have eight ([], /, X, O, L1, L2, R1, R2, on/slow). They are all in a separate bag.

this is going to be interesting to see where this goes, bunch of srkers looking to snatch up the only hrap2 on ebay right now.

Like I said, No big deal but thanks for countin’. :wgrin: Appreciate it.