FS : EBay : MAS Systems Joystick Stick PS1 Dreamcast XBox USB PS2


I’ve decided to sell my MAS Stick on ebay:


PS2/Xbox/DC/USB HAPP360 with competition convex buttons. 1st Generation Xbox and PC USB adapters included. Originally paid like 150 for it but spent more to make it the beast it is now. :slight_smile:

Somebody offered me 65 and I told em to get lost. Feel free to make a funny offer like “Will you accept payment in evo shirts?” and I’ll post it on the listing.

Fun fact:

Valle borrowed it at evo 07 and wouldn’t have made 3rd place in 3s without it.

Heh, threes. :cool:


hmmm P360 joystick eh? I am intrigued.


willing to do any trades boss?


No sir. :cool:

This treasure of mine is selling to the highest bidder.

Somebody offered me 65 for it and I told them to get lost.

Feel free to make me funny offers on ebay, like as a joke, and I’ll post em.


lemme know


I will send you:

1x raw chicken
2x case of Jolt Cola
1x broken usb cord from my printer
3x corks from bottles of wine
1x Ralphie from “Christmas Story” lunch box
1x shipping box from Amazon to hold it all in

You send me:
1x Mas stick
1x pic of your sister



I’m already lost.


Awesome keeping an eye on this.


You wrote that?! Big thanks and props dude! That shit was too funny!

I just listed a CIB Marvel 2:



Wait, I have a question.

When the stick is eventually sold, do we get pic of said sister anyway?