FS: Ecksnine Case With Buttons

I bought this case from ecksnine with the intention of throwing a cthulhu pcb in there and making it a ps3 stick. I don’t think I’m ever going to get around to it so I might as well sell it.

Keep in mind the art is glued in the buttons, so if you don’t like the art, you’ll be paying extra for buttons you won’t be able to use. Also there is no notch cut out of the bottom for the cord so you will have to do that.

$120 shipped.


any side pics? and what r the dementions? looking for any trades??

More pics, not really looking for any trades. Dimensions are about 12.5"x9"x2"(without feet)





bump price drop

bump price drop

Would love to get this being that my nickname/tournament handle is “Q”, but unfortunately don’t have the money for it. :frowning:

Best of luck selling it, though. great case.