I purchased it at norcal regionals today, I used it for 4 matches and back into the box it went. I no longer need it since I’ve been eliminated.

It’s basically still brand new and will include all the retail packaging and extras.

It’s dual modded out of the box, has an extra long USB cable, non-slip felt on the bottom, turbo buttons — everything you need and more from a stick. This is the synthesis colored version of the fusion model which is a clear translucent case with clear balltop and clear buttons and mirrored accents. A good looking stick that stands out from the sea of TE’s at tourneys.

Retail was 200. I’ll do 180 for local bay area pickups. 205 shipped. If you’re not local, I accept and prefer paypal as a method of payment. I will only ship to confirmed addresses.
I’ll also accept a trade for a Hori Fighting Edge for 360.






And the cleaning cloth, headset, and plungers.



hey man! is this still for sale? im in So-Cal n_n


pic would be nice


Yo. Yeah man, still for sale. I’d be able to ship it out Tuesday and you’d have it by the weekend.

For anybody else interested. I’d be willing to trade straight up for a HORI fighting edge for 360. Maybe a Mad Catz VS+cash would do the trick as well.


pics added. enjoy.


I made Xian plug in my stick when I played him in pools. Greatness has come in contact with this stick which will add +5 to your execution.

I’ll also throw in an unused clear dustwasher and shaft cover that I picked up from Arcade Shock so you can complete the clear look.


still for sale? I’m actually from jersey but will be headed to SF this Sunday and am thinking about buying your eightarc.


Yup. Still for sale. Shoot me a PM or something when you head out this way and we can arrange a meetup. You’ll definitely save on shipping by picking it up while you’re out here.


It’s still available folks.


Is it still available?


Yo, is this still available?
I’m interested in buying the stick.


Is it still available?


Yo, is this still available?
I’m interested in buying the stick.


Yup, the stick is still up for grabs!


I’d also like to add that this stick is sold out on eightarc’s site. End your search for one here.


This fine piece of equipment is still available.


A price drop is required for you to bump your thread. Just a heads up.


^you got it, gangsta.

I’ll knock 5 bucks off the shipped price. 200 shipped for out of towners. Again, picking this up from eightarc will run you at least 220 which is retail + shipping. If you have to pay tax, that’d be another 20 on top.

Don’t sleep folks.


Focusattack.com is selling these for a little cheaper (189.99) till July 9th. After shipping, it’s still more expensive than this asking price. Bump for a good deal. GLWS.


I tell yall what, I’ll do the focusattack.com price with shipping included until july 9th as well.

190 shipped until july 9th. A good deal just got better!