FS empty boxes and custom sticks

Time to empty out my house again. Prices are negotiable.

Empty Boxes:

I’m willing to complete any of these if you want a complete custom stick as well. You can PM me for more detailed pics.

Chains made these a while back. I was going to finish them and sell them but I’m too lazy to do that. They are for american parts. They come with a back piece but no plastic on top. I’m asking 35 shipped on these. I have like 5 of them.

Ebony and cherry stained Poplar. I don’t have matching buttons for this so I’m selling it empty. Stick is included. Also I’ll throw in 2 white buttons for start and select. 100 shipped.

this is an ultra light red wood stick box. It’ll fit sanwa/semitsu parts. Also asking 35 shipped.
SOLD, I got like 20 offers on this but puppetchow was first so I’m going to have to give it to him. If I knew this was gonna be so popular I would have charged more :).


These are all unwired w/o parts. The prices I’m showing are for a completed and wired stick for PS2. Prices might vary if you want it hooked up to something else. I can do PS2 DC and WII (classics control) for sure. I’ve never done 360 but we can talk about it.

sanwa modded DOA4. I have pink buttons to go inside. I’m not sure whats wrong with the 360 PCB inside but the buttons don’t seem to be registering properly so I think I’m just going to mod it for some other system. 110 shipped

a douglas fir sanwa/seimitsu stick. Stained in Ebony and cherry. It’s really nice. I can put your artwork on it. 150 shipped.

Agetec. seimitsu stick with sanwa buttons. 120 shipped.


How much for the redwood stick with a Seimitsu LS-32, Sanwa buttons, custom artwork, and an Xbox 360 pcb?

this is an ultra light red wood stick box. It’ll fit sanwa/semitsu parts. Also asking 35 shipped.

If you PM me addy, I will pay for the box!

Wow man. You have some gorgeous casings there. I really hope people jump all over these!


what pcb is the agetec ? ty

the empty boxes arnt free anymore. DAMN! do i get one free since i sent you a pm before you changed it? :rofl:

Any responds to PM’s / more pics?

srry, didn’t check PMs cuz I got sick. Now I’m 15 deep. I’ll try and get to all of you.

i really don’t remember ever writing that they were free. You must have misread :P.

So…does anyone know what’s up with chippermonky? Still waiting on at least a “no” reply for my pm.