FS: empty joystick shell $$


I have this shell for sale. Buttons, joystick, wires, pcb not included. This empty shell is 16 x 9 x2.5 inches. The wood is ash stained and sealed. Asking 60 plus shipping.


Price dropped to 60 shipped for the case. Only different thing is that the bottom will not have plexi glass. It cracked so I replaced it with a wood bottom.


Here is another case I am working on that I will be selling. I have yet to put the top insert or bottom but it’s about the same size as the stick above. If anyone is interested I can do whatever button layout you want. The front buttons are for 24mm screw in buttons and for the neutrik adapter from the inside. It will not be stained but it will be sanded down. Price is $30 plus shipping.

As you can see the neutrik adapter will be installed through the inside


interesting. Pm’ed


PM sent


you making any more cases??