FS: EVGA 7600GT PCI-Express16

Never overclocked. Four months old. I had two of them in SLI, so now i’m selling the one I didn’t sell last time.

$60 OBO + shipping. $6 domestic, $20 international to most countries.

that’s the exact item.

i’m selling on amazon too, so if you don’t trust me, my amazon sale is here…

I’m Johnnyscoggs, and I’m selling it for $80 + shipping there. Lower price for SRK :slight_smile:
the card plays all the older stuff (counter strike, wow) with no problems at all. plays fear on almost 100% maxed out settings (minus anti aliasing, ansiotropic filtering, and resolution are NOT on max) at 60fps+, and plays oblivion on similar settings at about 55fps in the world and 70 in dungeons.

I can’t ship it until about a week from now, unless I get my new card sooner.

payment type accepted:
paypal - dj.m1x4h@gmail.com (add 3% to the total price. I split the paypal fee with you here. so add 1.98 to the price) USPS money order - take .52 off the price because you pay $1.05 to get the MO, so I’ll split the charge with you.

Can it run Halo and DC emus?

i don’t know about halo, but i can run halo on my old 5200, so i’m assuming a huge yes.

as for DC emulators, yeah, i play marvel on it all the time. i have played power stone, capcom vs snk 2, sonic adventure, all the cps3 games, all the PSX games, etc. it can play that new capcom game, lost planet decently, but not great by any means, likewise with splinter cell vegas. mid-settings at best, but then again, on high, those games run bleh on 8800GTX cards.

i’ll check halo for you when I get home if you want. it wont be until later tonight though.

Willing to trade?

depends… what did you have in mind?

I have a dreamcast in playable condition(I have cut off the red RCA cable off the AV cables and I’ve made identifing marks on the console itself) with a memory card, one controller and 3s, MvC1 and Shenmue. I’m also willing to offer Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII, KOF: MI for the PS2, F1 2002 and Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes for the Gamecube, and Capcom Arcade Hits Volume 1(contains Street Fighter 1 and SF2: CE) for the PC. All games are in playable condition.

I’m also willing to put up any cash that will be required, and I’ll eat both shipping costs.

EDIT- I’m on AIM right now if you wish to discuss this futher.

i can’t get on AIM as I’m at work…
consoles don’t interest me much, as i don’t have a TV or any console though. I play MvC2 on DC emulation on my computer. sorry

Then I can’t afford it, and I’m going to have to let it go.


if anybody would be willing to do a 3-way trade, as in, you send me money, sanji sends you the DC, i send sanji the vga card, i’d be willing to do that. we gotta all be in trust with each other though.

How exactly are you willing to pay to ship all that stuff and pay for shipping to you but you can’t afford 60 bucks? Seems like it’d be almost the same.

it IS kinda awkward… shipping a DC is about $25.

Shipping + $60 = Can’t afford right now.

And if this three way trade goes through, I say that we all eat our own shipping costs.

Edit: Shipping my DC is not $25(unless it is overnight delivery, and that I will not do). It will cost me roughly $10 for a 2 day trip. (calculated based on the delivery address out of San Diego, CA).

hmm… i shipped a saturn out to sanfran a few months ago and it costed $20 with usps… cheapest shipping method.

how about $60 even for the card?

i also have best offer. give me how much you’re willing to pay MAXIMUM, and i’ll consider that.

I’m going to need a few days. I’m expecting to come upon some cash this week, and if I can come up with the $60, I’ll pay it. If not, I’ll make an offer.

alright, suonds good. let me know, so lnog as nobody buys it. s’all good.