FS: EVGA GeForce 7600GT 256MB PCI Express

It’s about 3 months old now (Got in the begining of March). I have a chance to upgrade to a 7800 GT with water cooling, overclocked for $100, so I want to see what somebody would be offering me for this card. I paid $110, and they’re going for about $100 now, new on newegg.com

I haven’t overclocked it. It plays Oblivion and Fear on about full settings, minus resolution and anti-aliasing (everything else is on full, and nVidia cards don’t really do anthroscoping filtering too well, so the option doesn’t even come up in Oblivion for that.)

Looking for around $70-$85. Do I have any takers?

EVGA also provides a lifetime warrenty

Final_Cut’s interested. Anybody else?

EDIT: Final_Cut can’t pay til Friday, so if somebody wants to make a better offer than $70 + 5 for shipping, then let me know.

anybody else?




Hot damn, if I wasn’t broke right now, I’d be interested. Willing to trade for it?

Trade what?