FS: EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 320MB

I’m selling my EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 320MB video card because I don’t play any PC games that would need such a powerful card other than Oblivion. I will include Dark Messiah with the video card (unused) that came with the video card when I first purchased it.

Selling for $265 shipped or best offer.

Edit: It turns out I registered it a little late so it only has a 1 year warranty.

Will accept the following as trades towards the card: TV Tuner with no lag when connecting consoles, 8500GT/8600GT, clean older model Dreamcast with accessories.


i’m selling my EVGA 7600GT so that I can upgrade…

Price drop :bgrin:

… sooo tempting… I will sleep on this one. My gf would kill me right now if I did this… but i’m a geek so its to be expected right?..

what sort of usage has this thing gotten? # of days, ANY and I mean any overclocking?

I purchased this card on 2/26, but I rarely gamed with it during the time that I owned it. The only gaming I’ve done with the card was Oblivion for a while and testing out Dreamcast emulation. I’m using Windows Vista which is a hassle to overclock video cards with, so no overclocking was done with the card. My inner geek made me purchase this card even though I don’t really play PC games, so I’m hoping to pass it on to someone that will.

I’m accepting some items for trade towards the card now in addition to money.

how many accessories ya looking for with that dreamcast D:

I got one that can play backups and some controllers and an agetec stick.

Power cables, 1 VMU, 1 Controller, VGA box and Agetec stick (preferably modded with Seimitsu parts).