FS: EVO 2k4 DVDs

I bought them here for a killer price not too long ago, but eh… they’ve got little replay value and I don’t care to collect them. I’ll throw in the 4 2D 2k5 set, and Magnetro’s Dhalsim DVD, all burned for you.

Make me an offer. Keep in mind, I don’t want to rip people off, and I only paid $10 or $15 for the 2k4 DVDs, I don’t remember.

Minimum is $10 + shipping, but just make an offer, and if somebody wants to make it higher, then I’ll go with that.

NOTE: THIS THREAD, LIKE ALL OF MY THREADS, IS WHERE DIBBS TAKES PLACE. Do not PM me without posting here, and expect me to hold the DVDs for you, since that’s not exactly a very fair way of doing it.

I’d take em for $15 + ship if they’ve got the VF stuff on them . . .

I’ll trade you for the Evo 2k3 2D dvd. It has on one side: Guilty Gear XX, CvS 2, and on the other side: Marvel, 3S, and ST.

I dont’ want to trade, nor do they have the VF stuff

I’d like those ( PM sent)

looks like they belong to taskmaster for $29 shipped


I’m gonna record myself watching these so people can see what they missed:wgrin:

no go?

if not, then ST Vega wants it.
your call dude.

Nononno I want it. I’m just waiting for the money to appear in the PP account. I transferred it yesterday.

This question is just out of curiosity (sp?) but do you by chance have EVO 2K2 or EVO 2K3 Disc 2 (real thing not burned), if you by chance have either would you be willing to sell either of them?


It’s 4 days after you told me that you were going to transfer it.

@DEMON_JIM: nope

Mixah, do you still have these dvds available? PM sent.

gone… been gone for a while, and i don’t know who i actually sold them to.

[Daffy Duck]Mine! ALL MINE!HAHAHHA![/Daffy Duck]

I’m also in the market for 2006 DVDs. And Tougeki/X-Mania

Arounf the time 06 DVD was for sale, Paypal switched it’s policies in Europe, and for some reason I couldn’t access my account anymore. Thankfully, there was only 2 bucks in there.

DVDs are great btw, thanks again.

ahh yes, i thought i sent them to europe. i sold so much stuff at that point.

anyway, this thread can be locked.